Truth and Honesty is our culture and that is how we behaved since our creation, this has created a special relation and loyal clientele we hope you will soon join those who have been with Cronos since 2007.

Regional Airline

Our scope is Regional and soon will become an important feeder in the sub region, the cocktail of experienced professionals with young energetic staff that will take over to continue and improve in to the future, our structure is ethical oriented and we are one family that respect each other.


It is our culture , Transparent open channel communication , Proactive we aim , we are and we must always work to maintain this standards.

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We operate 2 BAE 146 for the last 5 years and we will soon introduce 2 ERJ135 LR and 1 ERJ145 LR year of manufacture 2002 and 2003 FAA and EASA certified , our maintenance is provided by an EASA certified Line Maintenance Organization as well as the Continuing Airworthiness.

Welcome to Cronos Airlines

Thank you for choosing to navigate with Cronos Airlines. If you choose to fly with Cronos be sure you will experience first of all the feeling of Security and Punctuality.

Our Schedule for 2015 will be soon loaded, we can assure you that you will have the possibility and the flexibility at your convenience to choose between multiple flights on daily basis between the Political and Economical Capital of Equatorial Guinea as well several sub regional connections Douala, Cotonou and soon Lagos, Yaounde, Niamey.

2007, we first flown and we still fly 8 years after in 2015 transported already 1 100 000 Passengers domestic routes and regionally.

We are in full implementation of IOSA certification we aim to be in accordance and certified within 2015 , we have already very strengthened Safety department , non punitive transparency honesty and truth is our Moto and culture , we talk the truth between us and we do the same with our passengers that is what made that we have mutual trust with our clientele , partners and suppliers Honesty and truth.

On Monthly basis we download our data flight recorder and we send the down loads to our contracted provider that is EASA certified and who provides all flight data analysis from pilot behavior to proactivity to our maintenance actions.

Our Aircrafts are followed by a continuing airworthiness organization certified by EASA , our post holders have the experience of more than 30 years in the airline industry open to the new regulations and always enforcing implementation. We are not perfect but for sure we get better every day by correcting our mistakes.

Hoping to see you on board soon with Cronos Airlines.

A. Kaiafas - CEO Cronos Airlines


Experienced Crew With FAA and EASA ATPL license going to CAE for the Recurrent of the BAE 146 every 6 months and for the ERJ145/135 will be going to Flight safety or Swiss in phase of decision for the new coming aircraft. Our Pilots have Experience as well flying in the USA and Europe but most important they are experienced in the African Continent Environment and tropical weather.Our captains all-together have an experience of 80 000 Hours thus average 7500 hours per Captain.

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on board services

Our Target will be for 2015 to improve business class service with priority boarding and excellent catering service on board from short to medium haul flights, but we will not forget our clients of Economy class that will also enjoy different class services on board with possible upgrades with miles Saturn Card Classic and Platinum more information will be provided during the course of January 2015